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Law 122 RBQ

Since 2013, la Regie du bâtiment du Quebec requires owners of buildings of 5 stories or more to produce an inspection report of all facades and floor parking of their buildings. This report must be done by an engineer or architect every 5 years in order to detect any dangerous situations. Owners must also hold a register of all repairs done to the building and all inspection reports. A yearly inspection must be done and appropriately noted in the register .For more information go to the Regie du Batiment website: on facades and parking.

In respect to law 122, Diamantex Group offers the following services:

  • Produce complete report required by the RBQ in respect to law 122 including:
    • Inspection of facades and parking
    • Opening required by law
    • Prepare and write the report
    • Propose and execute Maintenance plan
  • Propose durable and economical solutions
  • Cost estimation of interventions
  • Management of all required intervention (Hand key)

External elements such as the freezing and thawing cycles, humid and dry air, carbon in the air (carbonation) and the salts applied in winter cause extreme havoc on our concrete structures. It is therefore necessary to act in a proactive fashion to maintain the durability of these structures.

1- Surface preparation

This step is crucial in all major concrete repairs because the care applied to this operation is the pledge of success for all repairs.

The damaged concrete zone must be removed in order to expose the good concrete surfaces. Power picks and/or hydro demolition are usually used.

The applicaiton of bonding agent is necessary in certain situations.

2- Reinforced steel treatment

Rust on the reinforcing steel must first be removed and then an rust inhibitor is applied. The reinforcement should be replaced if they are too corroded. In these cases the initial minimal concrete thickness covering the reinforcements will have to be respected.

A new method of protection by sacrificial anodes could also be used. This technique consists of installing specially conceived anodes which will corrode mainly with the reinforcing steel and thus protect the concrete structure.

3- Concrete repairs: the choice of quality materials and the proper application

The required type of concrete is carefully selected according to the type of repair desired. The choice depends on the conditions of exposure of the work and the repair itself. The following concrete and mortar are often used:

Polymer mortars with controlled resistance
Initial, high strength concrete
Self levelling concrete
Refractory concrete

The chosen product will be applied once the surfaces are well cleaned and a bonding polymer product is applied.

4- The final step

We pay special attention to every detail of the work carried out. The Diamantex Group is specialized in several types of concrete repairs. With our constant preoccupation of going above and beyond the highest standard, we are always on top of innovative techniques allowing us to prolong the durability and lifespan of concrete structure work.